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Welcome to Silver Star Miniature Horse Farm.

Silver Star Miniature Horse Farm is located 20 km North of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Silver Star consists of 460 acres located on the West Bank of the Tamar River Valley. Silver Star is set high on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside and the magnificent Tamar River.

The Tamar River Valley is a fertile region with beautiful contrasts such as scenic pastures, orchards, forests and approximately 70 vineyards.

Silver Star has abundant bush for shelter, with many hills and valleys allowing the horses to freely roam. Some of the paddocks are over a hundred acres or more, this provides a natural setting for the mares and stallions, and an excellent environment for the foals to grow and play.

Over many years I have bred the SIlver Star horses down in height from a spotted horse line that combined Thoroughbred, Riding Pony, Welsh and some part Arabian horses in its lineage. I have paid meticulous attention to the horses I selected to add to my breeding program. Each horse was studied and chosen for the characteristics that would improve the overall appearance, conformation and movement of each horse; a horse that can excel in performance, to be a natural, balanced athlete.

I chose carefully for pretty head definition; a head with small ears and one that is broad between the eyes with a clean, slender throat latch and a graceful arched neck. They have a good shoulder and top line, with a distinct wither and a short, strong back and clean correct legs that promotes a floating, flowing action.

The Silver Star horses have very fine lustrous coats, some horses are almost metallic in appearance and their coats reflect a rainbow of colours in the sun.

Like all animals, Miniature Horses deserve to be treated and handled with understanding and kindness. Adequate food, shelter and enough space to freely move around are their basic needs.

A fantastic show horse or just a pet, they all should receive the same loving care, kindness and protection by their human owners.

The Miniature Horse truly is "The Horse For All Ages"