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White Cheeked Rosella at the bird feederWhite Cheeked Rosella's and friends at the bird feeder
Pink Galah tried to land on poletwo pink galahs feeding at the bird feeder
Pink Galah showig off his wing colourPink Galah flying in to feed at the bird feeder
KookaburraCopper winged bush pigeon
Green Parrotgreen Parrot checking us out
White Cockatoo flyingWhite Cockatoo flying over paddocks
White Cockatoo fly over with wings spread out from the bottom sideWhite Cockatoo fly over with his wings spread out from the top side
Buddy with his friends eating at the feeder
Buddy and his friends
White Cheeked Rosella sitting on the patio door handle looking into the house
Sitting on the patio door handle, looking into the house is a White cheeked Rosella, waiting for his food.