Silver Star Chief and Missy Banner
Missy as a puppy in the flowersChief as a puppy in the flowers
Missy and Chief look through patio door in to the houseChief showing off his cuteness
Chief in the flowersMissy as a youngstyer
Missy looking very smartMissy ready for a run
Chief looking very smartMissy and Chief look into window
Chief and Missy sit on rockChief and Missy on rock
Missy looking very sad as she didn't get to go for a runChief as an adult
Missy StretchChief Stretch
Missy and Chief runMissy and Chief after a big run in the valley
Chief runMissy run
Chief and Missy sleep in their bedsMissy and Chief very relaxed and sleeping in their beds
Missy in the wheelbarrow Chief sleep snug in bed with his new winter blanket
It's a hard life!!