Silver Star Show Horses

Silver Star Miniature Horse Farm has been breeding miniature and small horses for over 25 years.

Over this time Silver Star has bred multiple State and National Grand Champion Miniature Horses.

Silver Star's main focus was on breeding an intelligent and well-proportioned miniature/small horse. A miniature/small horse that presents a beautiful overall picture; with a unique style that combines personality, presence, attitude and graceful movement.

A miniature/small horse that is a natural athlete; one that is highly trainable with a temperament and vigour to excel in the show ring and will stand out in a crowd.

I am now retired from breeding miniature/small horses, but there will be a continuation of Silver Star by Drew and Karl Gilberd, that will compete in the show ring at the highest level

Silver Star Hollywood Hero jumping very high
Silver Star Hollywood Hero doing what he does best .......and then (below) he does it again 7 years later.
Silver Star Hollywood Hero jumping very high 7 years later

In the photo's above, Silver Star Hollywood Hero is a typical example of the athletic ability of my horses.

Silver Star Hollywood Hero was the IMHR 2014 National Champion Small Horse Six-Bar and IMHR 2014 National Champion Small Horse Fault and Out.
"Hero's" owner and trainer is Nicole Kelly. Photo Credit Tracey Bavinton